Seniors 2023 Graduation Ceremony

Seniors 2023 Graduation Ceremony

The Seniors 2023 graduation ceremony was filled with special moments. It started with a welcome to parents and speeches from presenters. Students and teachers entered, creating an atmosphere of excitement. The CEO, Mrs. Sara Mustafa, gave an inspiring speech to motivate our seniors to follow their dreams and become more positive individuals in their next journey. A touching poem written by grade 12 students was recited, then they received their certificates.

The event became lively with a traditional Dabke dance, celebrating the different cultures at our school. The highlight was when students tossed their caps in the air, symbolizing their transition to the next phase. Afterward, the celebration continued at the lively after-party, where everyone danced and had a great time. The evening was a perfect mix of tradition, achievement, and looking forward to the future.

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