In Class Activities


Children always learn from their peers and construct their knowledge by interacting with others. In Harvest, we provide children with opportunities to be part of collaborative well-structured activities. Inquiry and play-based learning helps children to develop their communicational and problem-solving skills.


Primary School

Learning at the Primary level sounds boring and scary. Primary children just want to play.  In order to bring knowledge closer to children and make it more relatable, teachers devise ways to familiarize them with Math, English languages, Science, etc. through play. Our teachers pay great attention to educational activities for elementary students so they can get to know the world around them and the areas they will learn about in the future. 

Middle School

Teachers at Harvest International School know the importance of incorporating fun activities during teaching time. Their lesson planning includes interactive games and activities for students. This is extremely helpful because it fosters a sense of togetherness and encourages creative expression. It helps break the monotony of the school day, and in turn helps promote students’ overall focus and attention span.


High School

Harvest International Schools is constantly striving to provide our students with access to the best education and facilities available. Using the latest technologies to enrich the learning environment and our teachers continually undertaking training and personal development programs to ensure we stay at the forefront of achieving high educational standards.