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Welcome at Harvest International Schools

On behalf of the whole staff of Harvest International Schools, we would like to welcome you in our community where family spirit and teamwork are prevalent. At our schools, we believe that education is aninvaluable mission that helps create future leaders. We instill in our students today what we hope they will successfully harvest tomorrow. Our target is not only to empower students with the knowledge and skills for a life-long learning journey, but also to reinforce attitudes, morals, and manners that grow out from our religious beliefs and that will support them in a constantly changing the world.
My vision is to enable each student to develop as a responsible citizen in the global community, and to acquire millennial century skills and knowledge they need to thrive in a world where change is constant.
On our website, you -a student, a teacher, a parent, or a visitor -can find all the support needed to facilitate your role as a partner in the teaching/learning process. So, enjoy your explore on our official website period, and always remember that we look forward to your constructive feedback.

To provide a learning environment where students are encouraged to reach their maximum potential and are developed into responsible, educated and productive citizens who are able to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global environment.

Our vision is to support our students with life-long learning and academic excellence in a changeable society through using unique instructional strategies and modern cutting-edge technology.

● All students can learn.
● Each student is valued as an individual with unique intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs.
● Student learning is the chief priority of the school.
● Teachers, staff, administrators, parents, students and community members share in the responsibility for providing a supportive environment in the school.
● Students learn in different ways and they should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to support their learning.
● Assessments of student learning should provide students with variety of opportunities to demonstrate their achievement.
● The commitment to continual improvement is imperative if the school is going to enable students to become confident, self-directed and lifelong learners.