Registration Terms
Registration Terms
Registration Terms
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Thank you for your interest in the Harvest International School (HIS). HIS welcomes students from all nationalities who are able to access the curriculum and support the positive behavior policy and ethos of the school.

Admission & Registration Terms

  1. Students must completely fill up all school forms and submit all the necessary documents and certificates within the first two weeks of the academic year. Failure to submit within the specified period / deadline invalidates the student’s enrollment.

  2. Wearing school uniform is a must. Students must wear the prescribed school uniform as per school management policy. Students who are not wearing the proper uniform will be given disciplinary action.

  3. Students are required to report and to leave the school on time. Students must abide with the school schedule or else will be given a disciplinary action.

  4. Photo copying or self-reproducing of books is strictly prohibited. For it is a simple violation of the copyright law.

  5. Students must take an entrance exam before enrolment. Academic capability of each student is evaluated through this test. Failure to pass the exam will require the parents to sign a commitment to bring his\her son for remedial classes every Saturday for improving the students’ academic skills.

  6. Student’s vaccination records must also be presented. Other forms of medical certificates or other medical issues concerning the student’s health must also be presented. It is a must to submit all the medical records to have proper school medical records.

  7. All certificates for students who are coming from outside of Turkey must be stamped from the ministry of education and embassy of the country they come from.

  8. Parents must present financial clearance from the former school.

Documents Required

  • Copy of your Student’s most recent report card or ‘To Whom It May Concern’ letter from your Student’s current school.
  • A completed application form.
  • A completed medical form.
  • A Valid Student’s residence ID.
  • Proof of address from General Directorate of Population (Nüfus Kayıt).
  • Copy of Student’s, father’s & mother’s passport with valid residence.
  • Copy of Student’s Birth Certificate.
  • Copy of Student’s vaccination certificate.
  • Four recent colored photographs.
  • Attested original transfer certificate.
  • Attested original end of year school report.

School Fees & Payments